DNA Paternity Testing

  Standard personal $235

  Standard legal $320

  Prenatal testing starting at $1250

  Extended family or Non-standard testing - Please, call for pricing

Payment plans available

DNA testing services offered for personal knowledge, court purposes, child support, legitimation, immigration, social security/insurance benefits*, estate planning or whatever your needs may be

DNA Paternity Testing Services

We provide legal DNA paternity collections with court admissible results.  All labs used are AABB accredited & certified leaders in the DNA industry.  Our labs test 50% more DNA markers than other labs in the industry giving you the most guaranteed accurate results.

Our qualified
staff members are trained to properly collect and handle all specimens.  Privacy & professionalism are guaranteed.  All results and client information are confidential.  We offer a calm and comfortable setting for all collections

Separate appointments are available upon request.  Payment plans are available on all DNA services.

Most results are ready in 3-5 business days
Prenatal DNA testing
(For peace of mind before your baby is born)
Prenatal DNA paternity, starting at 5-8 weeks, now available:  Results in 1-2 weeks.  $1,650  Monday-Thursday 8:30-4:00.

At 9 weeks price drops to $1,450 for results in 1 week &
$1,250 for results in 3 weeks.

Safe, non-invasive, prenatal DNA Paternity Testing with greater than 99% accuracy using blood drawn from mom's arm.

Extended family/relationship testing is also available.  Pricing and result times vary.  Please, call for details.
While not all extended family/relationship testing ends in conclusive results, our labs use state of the art equipment, techniques and quality controls to provide you with the highest relationship probability as possible.
Non-standard DNA Testing
*We also offer DNA testing services for deceased parties. 
Please, call for details & pricing
Non-standard samples are samples that must be collected from areas other than the usual collection sites of the mouth or veins.

Non-standard testing also includes discreet, anonymous testing on items containing someone's DNA- toothbrush, hair, finger nails, etc.